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Class Descriptions


A rigorous Vinyasa based flow class. Expect an inspiring playlist, elevated heart rate and a satisfying sweat. All levels welcome!


ASANA practice:

A Hatha based flow class ideal for the yogi that likes to move, reflect, and inquire. Expect a mosaic of meditation, breath work, sun salutations, moderate to advanced backbends and inversions. All levels welcome. 


asana restore:

A quiet, calming class designed to reduce tension from the body/mind through supported, passive poses.  Expect to replenish energy and joy. All levels welcome.


asana roots:

Bring a 'beginner's mind' to this fundamentals class and develop skills for a sustainable yoga practice.  All levels welcome.


Pilates sweat:

This cardio-blasting, core toning Pilates based class is guaranteed to heat you up.  Using small weights and resistance bands, expect to reap REAL results.  All levels welcome.



A core-focused, muscle toning class that incorporates elements from Pilates, ballet and functional movement.  All levels welcome.


barre sweat:

A cardio-blasting, barre class ideal for those who crave the burn! Expect to earn REAL results using small weights and resistance bands to lift, lengthen and sculpt the body .  All levels welcome.



A core-centered class for new moms and their 'bitty' (pre-mobile) babies. Enjoy the hard work of reconnecting with your body using small isometric movements, weights and bands.  Babies may be worn in a carrier or placed in a cozy travel seat.  



Stay with what's happening, as it's happening. Focus your attention, calm the mind and practice stillness. A regular meditation practice helps create a foundation for healthy reflection and clear intention.